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The number of neon glassblowers still practising in Switzerland today can easily be counted on one hand!

Neon used to illuminate metal lettering or lightboxes was almost completely replaced by LED.

Because of this, almost all of the neon glassblowers in Switzerland had to give up their craft.

Classic, exposed neon, with its unique charm – as shown in the photo gallery below – will never disappear, and cannot be replaced by LED.

Neon is used more and more often in interior design, with its warm, dimmable glow and flexible shaping giving the perfect look.

We have found that the demand for neon is once again on the rise.



Exposed neon gives your business image a special touch and multiplies the effectiveness of your advertising.

With timeless classic neon, you can display your company’s name or logo distinctively, and be guaranteed that it will attract attention.

I produce custom-made neon signs.

Neon lighting can also be installed as a feature in interior design.

The intensely bright yet soft neon glow, together with the infinite palette of design options, make neon an inimitable element in interior design.

The neon tubes are made in my own glassblowing workshop, using a traditional, tried and tested method of craftsmanship.

A large selection of colours and installation options are available.

I am available for a full consultation and would be happy to assist you.

We believe in putting good consultation and service first.

Make the most of my 30-year experience in neon glassblowing and light signage.

I would be delighted to assist you further – in person; by telephone, on (+41) 033 437 08 08; or by email:

Exposed neon

Neon for interior design

Neon in interior design is making a comeback.

The light impresses with its simple design, as the tube itself is the light, and glows with a warm ‘colour temperature’ of 3600K. The light is also dimmable.

Neon Art

I work for national and international artists.

Repair service

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